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Design Ideas Banking Execs Can Use to Amp Up Their Websites Now

To find out what’s working and what isn’t, The Financial Brand reached out to five firms with extensive website design expertise in the banking sector to get their insights and specific suggestions — what do banks and credit unions need to do to elevate the online experience?

1. Make It Visual
2. Always Be Thinking About SEO
3. Embrace Minimalism
4. Adopt the “Hamburger”
5. Simplify With Sliders
6. Suggest Related Products
7. Adopt and Adapt Ideas From Non-bank Sites

Six Design Steps to Reduce Site Complexity:

1. Reduce density.
2. Divide tasks into smaller parts.
3. Leverage what’s familiar.
4. Fix pain points and focus on critical touchpoints.
5. Use a consistent “design language.”
6. Improve accessibility.

Taking Mobile Websites to the Next Level

1. Beware of third-party features, modules and plugins.
2. Design specifically for the mobile experience.
3. Don’t regurgitate the desktop experience.

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